Seasonal Furnace Filter Replacement

Spring is once again upon us and with the warmer weather our windows and doors will be open. Spring  also brings with it air pollutants such as pollen and other allergens. Removal of these indoor pollutants requires a good furnace filter. For those of you that already... read more

Buying a new Furnace

Buying a new furnace is a big investment and following a few simple steps can make the purchase a good one. Step 1. Do everything you can to buy the furnace before its forced upon you. Meaning before it gets red tagged in the middle of the winter. Or fails because it... read more

Value of a Good Honest Contractor

No one would argue the price difference between a Ferrari and a Ford. We can all see a visible difference in the two cars and understand that the Ferrari is much more valuable. Other differences between things are not always as easy to see, such as the value of a good... read more

Parts Warranty

What the consumer should know about heating and cooling warranties. First of all, warranty work for contractors is not profitable. If parts are required to repair your furnace or air conditioner then the contractor has to purchase them from the manufacturer. This is... read more

Tankless Water Heaters

Beware of the tankless water heater and the believed savings in owning one. First of all, the cost to purchase and install is nearly twice that of a direct vented water heater. Most consumers have little knowledge of the maintenance that these types of water heaters... read more