Spring is once again upon us and with the warmer weather our windows and doors will be open. SpringĀ  also brings with it air pollutants such as pollen and other allergens. Removal of these indoor pollutants requires a good furnace filter. For those of you that already have a high efficient air cleaner it may be just time to replace the filter. For people that suffer from allergies, and have a standard air filter it may be time to upgrade the furnace air cleaning equipment. Several brands are available and Easterbrook Brothers can install and maintain your new air cleaner. Replacing or upgrading your air cleaner does not just equal having better air quality in your home. It also helps with your furnace and air conditioners performance. Clean coils and better performance mean lower Hydro bills, and I think most people would appreciate that. For a new air cleaner or filter replacement call Easterbrook Brothers or go online at everyfilter.ca

Craig Easterbrook