About Us

Easterbrook Brothers Limited is a family owned and operated business, founded in 1945 by brothers Jim and George Easterbrook. Today the company is owned and operated by David Easterbrook, along with Craig Easterbrook and Dan Easterbrook.

In the 1950s the company installed oil furnaces for several large oil suppliers along with the duct systems. Times change and in the 1970s air conditioning became very accessible to the middle class. Around the same time that air conditioning was making its debut in the marketplace, oil furnaces were being replaced with natural gas furnaces. In the 1990s people looked to conserve energy as the price of natural gas and hydro rose rapidly. This has led us to where we are today, a leader in the installation and service of the latest and most efficient HVAC products available.

For over 70 years Easterbrook Brothers Limited has concentrated on your home comfort. Over that time many things have changed, companies have come and gone. The only thing that hasn’t changed is Easterbrook Brothers’ vision of being the best, offering the homeowner the latest equipment, competitive pricing and absolutely unmatched service.

If you have any questions about any of the products or services listed on this web site, or want to find out about pricing, please free to contact, Craig Easterbrook at (416) 243-1220 or (905) 847-9733 or email info@easterbrookbrothers.ca