Easterbrook Brothers Limited offers a wide range of HVAC* products from furnaces to air conditioners to fireplaces, boilers, ductless furnaces, air cleaners, humidifiers and other products. We offer equipment from brand name manufacturers, as well as products made by less known companies. We have products to offer that will suit any budget.

Being in the residential heating and air conditioning business for over 70 years has taught us that product selection is important, but contractor selection is by far the most important criteria when purchasing HVAC products. Choosing a more economical product and having it installed and serviced by qualified people will provide many years of home comfort. Having the most costly equipment installed by the wrong contractor may provide years of grief.

Below is a series of photographs showing our high level of expertise and our commitment to providing the customer with the best installation and service work possible.

* HVAC – Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning