How often over the last decade have you been told your appliance is not worth fixing?

If this sounds like something you have heard, I am sure you are not alone. I personally can only comment on the longevity and reliability of heating and cooling products. In southern Ontario furnaces and air conditioners should generally last fifteen years. Obviously in some situations they unfortunately need to be replaced sooner. Most residential products have ten-year parts warranties, that reduce the cost of repairs substantially for the first decade of operation. After that period ends only a large component failure such as a heat exchanger or a compressor, in most cases, would warrant unit replacement.

If you are faced with a breakdown, no heat/no cooling situation, having a contractor you can trust is everything. A good contractor will explain what has happened to your unit and provide solutions for the repair or the replacement of your equipment. What consumers should understand is that many companies are completely sales driven. They encourage and pay service staff to sell new products. This can lead to a bad outcome for the home owner. Other problems that home owners should be aware of include poorly trained service staff that are unfamiliar with the products they are dealing with. This can also lead to equipment being replaced prematurely.

Easterbrook Brothers Limited has serviced the GTA for over 70 years. We operate with the highest standards and ethical practices. We simply treat our customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves. If you have any questions or concerns about a service diagnosis you have received from another contractor and wish to get a second opinion, feel free to contact us at or 416-243-1220


Craig Easterbrook