No one would argue the price difference between a Ferrari and a Ford. We can all see a visible difference in the two cars and understand that the Ferrari is much more valuable. Other differences between things are not always as easy to see, such as the value of a good contractor.  Pricing in the heating and cooling business has been very tight in the last couple of years. Consumers are believing that if they buy a Carrier its the same no matter what contractor they purchase it from. I could lose a sale over $500 in total price on a $7000-$9000 dollar job. The consumer thinks he has bought the exact same thing!  What a big mistake that is. Every night on TV at least two shows are dealing with home improvements and the mistakes made by choosing the wrong contractor. Contractors are not all the same, low price means they are usually a disaster. At the end of the day choosing the right contractor is by far much much more important then even the equipment that is selected. Is $500 bucks that important over the next 20 years if you are completely satisfied with your new furnace or home improvement?