Buying a new furnace is a big investment and following a few simple steps can make the purchase a good one.

Step 1. Do everything you can to buy the furnace before its forced upon you. Meaning before it gets red tagged in the middle of the winter. Or fails because it is over 20 years old.

Step 2. Hopefully you have had on going maintenance on your existing furnace. If this is the case then you have established yourself with a contractor you trust. When you deal with the same company over a number of years, you get to know their people and what the are like to do bussiness with.

Step 3. Ask around, from relieable friends and family as to which brand they have purchased. Get their opinion of the product. Ask if the have

needed any service done to the furnace  in the first year or two.

These three steps take very little of your time and can mean the difference between being very happy or very unhappy.

Easterbrook Brothers Limited relies on years of experience in the industry in its brand and product selection that we offer our customers. We are in a highly competitive market, and do everything in our power to sell quality products that last.

Craig Easterbrook